COVID-19: We’re Getting Back Into Our Routine

As of May 11, 2020, Focused Eye Care is scheduling patients for routine care and eye exams, in addition to the medically-indicated visits and emergency care we have continued to provide since the coronavirus pandemic began. We are, of course, doing this in accordance with guidance from the CDC and the State of New Hampshire.

In order to continue following CDC guidelines and other health directives, we still cannot be available for all the patients we usually see in a day or week. If we ask if your appointment can be delayed or moved to a time that is not as convenient as you wish, until we can safely maintain a full complement of doctors and staff with a very high degree of confidence, please bear with us, as health and safety are our primary concern.

  • If you do have an eye emergency, by all means call us, at 603-882-0311, and make arrangements to come in as quickly as possible.
  • If your appointment is medically indicated, please keep it – we are making every effort to attend to patients with glaucoma, pink eye, macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy and other eye conditions that should be treated and/or monitored quickly.
  • If your appointment is of a more routine nature, please be aware the efforts listed below that we continue to employ for the safety and health of both patients and staff that may create a slightly different experience than you are used to at Focused Eye Care.
  • If you are expecting to pick up glasses, contacts, or vitamins and other items we keep in stock, we would appreciate advance notice so that we can have your items ready when you arrive, reducing your waiting time and allowing us to effectively continue to maintain social distancing protocols in our waiting areas.

Everyone at Focused Eye Care continues to take extraordinary steps to make sure our patients, staff and doctors stay safe and healthy as we progress toward the end of the National Emergency and toward more normal times.

Our efforts on everyone’s behalf include:

  • Reducing the number of patients we see, to maintain social distancing, and to allow extra time to disinfect exam rooms and equipment between appointments.
  • Requesting that patients call or text when they arrive, so they can be efficiently moved to an exam room by a staff member.
  • Taking temperatures with a non-contact thermometer as everyone enters the building, including doctors, staff and patients.
  • Doctors, staff and patients are now all wearing masks. Patients are asked to arrive with a mask, but we provide them to patients who arrive without one.
  • The waiting rooms and optical shop have been reconfigured to allow maintenance of social distancing, with seating further apart and “reminder” dots on the floors.
  • Coffee service, magazines, children’s toys and other non-critical convenience items have been temporarily removed from the waiting areas.
  • We are wiping down all waiting areas, the optical shop and exam rooms several times a day, with special wipes that are stronger than alcohol wipes.
  • We are cleaning our hands with hypochlorous acid, which is much stronger and more effective than Purell and other OTC disinfectants.
  • We are doing curbside dispensing of glasses, as well as curbside adjustments and
  • We are sanitizing all eyeglasses frames that have been handled before returning them to the displays.
  • Telehealth services are available when appropriate.

We will continue to update information about the appointment situation and hours of operation  as they change, here on our website, on our Facebook, Instagram and Google Business pages, and through patient communication. Of course, you can always call or email us.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Your Focused Eye Care Team

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